Are you frustrated about not being presented to the opportunity of investing in unlisted shares by your bank adviser?

This may have occurred to you upon learning about one of your friends having successfully invested in this respect. Even if you are a private-banking client.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Many of my clients have experienced the same. But do not despair. A considerable number of investment opportunities will present themselves throughout a year. You will get an opportunity to assess these, great as small, when they are put on offer. This puts you in a position to pick and choose, depending on your risk profile.

Learn to trade unlisted shares

Do you wish you knew what to look for when investing in unlisted shares?

Who, in particular, does this course address?

  • RYou who want security when you invest in an unknown area
  • RYou who want to know what to look for when investing
  • RYou who play it by ear, using a “this-is-probably-the-way-it’s-usually-done” plan
  • RYou who are already investing successfully, but lack new inspiration, new approaches and methods to take up your results several levels.

When you have completed the course, yo will have:

  • RAn effective step by step plan for avoiding bad investments
  • RAll premises for steering safely clear of the (sadly far too many) classical mistakes

Your investment

Your investment in your very own guarantee to “never again invest on an uneducated basis” and your future opportunities will be your e-mail comprising the entire kit for downloading. No spam.

Not just any teacher (fortunately)

After all, things turn out best when one has “been there and done that”, and I can promise you that I have.

Other than having worked as an independent insurance broker and investment coach for more than 30 years, I have appeared on the Danish television channel TV 2 Lorry, presenting opportunities and pitfalls within pension.

No matter where in the world you are right now, or what time it is, the ”school” will always be open: Through your personal login you will have access to easy download of all lessons to your computer. They will be yours for keeps, and you can use them on your iPad, iPod, Smartphone or other portable medium – over and over.

Stil not quite sure whether to grab the offer?

Still need the final arguments as to whether “Become a razor-sharp property investor and 3 things to avoid” should be your next investment?

  • RBecause you will have access to companies and information to which you would not otherwise have access
  • RBecause what you learn here can be applied to all your other property investments
  • RBecause the world is full of potential investment opportunities to which you may not be presented

This is what my e-mail absolutely worth.


  • Property investment
  • Unlisted shares
  • Pension

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